PUK general catalogue 2022


Every year we set ourselves a new goal, a new target to reach and overcome, a new challenge with ourselves to always offer lighting products that can make each project unique. In this period of uncertainty and continuous changes, we have chosen to go back to the origins, to rediscover the real value of light and its natural relationship with people and environment. Something that can never change, despite dark times and adversity.

With the new 2022 General Catalogue we offer to architects, designers and artists the possibility to manipulate light, play with its effects and experiment incredible solutions to bring it back to express its true essence. A primordial element that fascinates and influences us, suddenly changing our sensations and emotions. Without the light, the world we know could not exist.

336 lamps, divided into 9 different product lines and collected in 556 pages: a compendium of made in Italy solutions in which light is the one and only star. In addition to a typical Italian touch, the lighting solutions available in the new 2022 catalogue are designed following the dictates of our “design – oriented” philosophy. This is why the attention placed to the aesthetic aspect is not limited to the research for external beauty, but becomes a determining factor in emphasizing the technical performance of each individual product.

This is the only way to bring light back to its natural mission: to merge with the landscape and with any architectural element, to mix with natural lighting and to give life to real artworks. A union of forces, an indescribable magic that leads to a wonderful result … give emotion. With the new catalogue in your hands, this is what you’ll be able to do: bring life to never seen before lighting design projects that will excite every viewer.

Thanks to our consulting service, you can also take advantage of experts in the field of lighting that will accompany you in choosing the most suitable solutions for your project and will be at your side everywhere, closely following your every realization.

The new 2022 General Catalogue is waiting for you: let light become emotion!