Be a protagonist with discrection, integrate into the context to make it unique. These are the objectives for which Beamer was thinked, an outdoor projector with a technical and fascinating design.

It strikes for the concentric distribution of the LEDs it is equipped with, it amazes for the performance it allows to obtain in every lighting project.
Its essence reaches its maximum expression in urban design field: it doesn’t matter if it is used in buildings of large cities or in monuments of small towns, Beamer is always able to offer recognizable touches to every structure.

Available in four different sizes, the number of OSRAM LEDs changes in every product sizes (from 18 to 60) and in the relative voltage (from 36 to 150 Watt). In its classic variant this projector emits a beam of light that can be warm white (3000°K) or neutral white (4000° K).

The Beamer family is also entirely available in the version with OSRAM RGBW LEDs. Same sizes, different final effect: with a Beamer RGBW projector it is in fact possible to explore the entire range of colors in RGB spectrum – white included – and giving the illuminated architectures an unexpected and amazing appearance.

In Beamer, shape and functionality come together to create a perfect combination: highly resistant materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and tempered glass combined in a design with attention to detail, which ensures great handling and versatility.

Furthermore, for a completely immersive lighting experience, the Beamer floodlight can be placed in different positions by rotating it on itself, this allows the light beam to illuminate the subject in the best possible way.

With Beamer projectors family, every light designer can bring life to the city, through a lighting experience that enhances the architecture and gives value to the urban landscape.