Downlight and versatility come together

Available in sizes Mini, Medium and Maxi, for Cielo’s full range is it possible to choose between the version : COB, HP, DMX RGBW, DIFFUSED, WALL-WASHER e BLADE. Endless possibilities to create a lighting from the top unprecedented!


The name tells the use

Inground product, extremely technical and  higly configurable thanks to the possibility of choosing the model, size and optics, and directing light beam from the outside. Available in standard range  (COB and HP symmetrical optics or special – WALL-WASHER e BLADE) o trimless, with retractable board.


The perfection of the circle

The new projector Coiny leads inside the range a new shape, elegant and sinuous, aesthetically appealing. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, Coiny strikes for the possibility to be used also in bollard version: a single product, two difference experience of illumination.


New entry in “NANO System”

After Nanospot and Hydrofloor Nano comes Nanowall: the new miniaturized lamp, lathed built, wall mounted. With a diameter of only 62 mm it is disposable in COB and HP (both versions with one or two light sources, to illuminate upwards and downsards), Nanowall is a true micro-jewel.